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Message from SBI President, Ron Guzmán,

for 2019 Fall opening Night  

          This year we will open our Fall Semester on Tuesday, September 3, at 7:00PM. We are blessed to have Donnie Payne as our Opening Night Speaker. Donnie is well-known to the staff here at SBI, being himself a former student of SBI. Brother Payne has been preaching since 1979, currently serving as the Minister of the Lillie Street Church of Christ here in San Angelo. He has been serving there since 1984—making his tenure there one of the longest ministries we know about. Donnie is 62 years old and has been married to Lena for over 38 years. They have been blessed with five grandchildren. To support his family, he also currently works full-time for Patriot Automation out in the oil fields.

            Besides his passion for preaching the gospel, Donnie also has a passion for helping create and maintain healthy and happy families. He is a writer, illustrator, and author for Happynest Family Publications. Their publications include books written for home, family and marriage development. Donnie is especially glad that he has been able to write a series of books for at-risk teenagers. They are a series of illustrated lesson study books—with a popular main character known as Jason.

            His passion for preaching and for writing these books can be seen in the four main goals that motivate his ministry efforts. He lists them as “1. Become fully sponsored to promote healthy marriages, homes and families. 2. Curve the current crisis of at-risk teenagers (Suicide, unwedded pregnancies, the selling of drugs, lost for spiritual life choices, building self-esteem). 3. Increase the growth and teaching development of the Lord's church. 4. Serve the Lord.” Worthy goals indeed! If you know of any individual or group that can help Donnie reach his goals, please don’t hesitate to contact SBI or Donnie directly. We are looking forward to having him open our fall semester. We hope you will plan now to come and share the evening with us. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. 


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