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Class Descriptions


2021, Fall Class Descriptions



Through the first half of this class (Sept.-Oct.) we will study:
   1. Not another Gospel - (Prevented).
   2. My Message is from God.
   3. I Am Crucified With Christ.
   4. Withstood Peter face to face.
   5. a foolish people.
   6. things of an evil world.
   7. Things Approved Of God.
   8. Sowing to the flesh of The Spirit.
Through the second half of this class (Oct.-Dec.) we will study:
   1. Grace and Faith.
   2. Created Unto Good Works.
   3. The Home - From the world or God.

Join us Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM at SBI.
TEACHER: Alvis Fisher.

Evangelio de Marcos:

¿Quienes fueron las fuentes que Marcos usó para compilar su evangelio?  ¿Se puede saber y cómo podemos saberlo?  Hay varios términos usados por Marcos en su evangelio, ha estos terminos se les llama, 'Latinismos' que encontraremos en la lectura de este evangelio.  Marcos aparentemente se dirige a una audiencia que aprecia la 'acción', el 'movimiento'.  En algunas instancias nos encontramos con el término 'inmediatamente', el movimiento es importante para Marcos.  Luego, tambien, trataremos con la 'humanidad de Jesus' esto se enfatiza en este evangelio, Marcos enfoca en este punto y quiere que sus lectores lleguen a identificarse con el Salvador encarnado.  los recipientes de este evangelio fueron la comunidad de fe en Roma.
Esta sesión sera presentada en Espanol.
Iniciaremos nuestro estudio el martes por la tarde, septiembre 14 a las 6:00.  El instituto se ubica por la calle 3200 San Antonio

Tuesday evening at 6:00PM. 

TEACHER: Miguel Zuñiga.


The things we will study in this class are:
   1. Power of The Resurrection.
   2. Do not be ashamed of The Gospel.
   3. Things that take away Faithful Christian Living.
   4. God is not a Respecter of people.
   5. Righteousness.
   6. The Importance.

This class is taught at the Northside Church of Christ at 19 East 29th Street on Wednesday mornings. It will begin at 10:00AM. All are welcome.
TEACHER: Alvis Fisher.


The Book of Ezekiel seems strange to many of us. Many shy away from even reading the book much less putting their hand to the plow and diving into it. But, in reality, Ezekiel is one of the easiest, if not the easiest of the prophets to understand. The book is made difficult through a failure to understand his prophetic visions from God. Did Ezekiel see an alien space ship? Did he have an alien encounter of the worst kind? If you see such events as literal, you may have a difficult time understanding Ezekiel. But, if you see the symbolism in his visions and understand what the symbols represented, you will find him easy to interpret. Ezekiel was a man of God called to offer hope to the remnant of God’s people going into Babylonian exile. Why study the Book of Ezekiel? We could just as easily ask, “Why study any book of God’s Holy scriptures?” The answer is, “To know God more!” With a study of the Book of Ezekiel, I think we will.
Thursday Morning At 9:30AM.

TEACHER: Frank Berthold.