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Class Descriptions


2018, Fall Class Descriptions


Christians and Thier Money:

One’s finances can be one of the most challenging areas of life. Financial health can help one stay spiritually healthy. The Bible has a lot of good advice about keeping our finances healthy. A variety of financial professionals will join us to share some practical wisdom throughout the semester. Join us Monday evenings at 7:00 P.M. at SBI.

The Book of Revelation:

Catholic and Protestant Lectionaries only use minimal readings from Revelation. The Greek Orthodox Lectionary omits it altogether! It wasn’t until A.D. 200 that most mainstream Christians in the Mediterranean world even accepted it! One Biblical scholar has pointed out that, “The book of Revelation, of all the books in the New Testament, has had the most checkered history of reception by the church.” Nevertheless, not only are its visions rich and imaginative, they give us much needed insight and encouragement at a time like this. Join us Tuesday mornings as we explore this challenging text.

Basic Christian Beliefs:

One writer asked, “What are the essential elements of the Christian life?” Things like the Bible, baptism, church attendance, the Lord’s Supper (the “Eucharist” many call it), prayer, etc. are usually included in answers to questions like that. Tuesday nights we will be exploring some beliefs that make us distinctly Christian. Come and bring your own questions and answers as we seek Biblical answers to this important area of study. 

The Gospel of John: 

The fourth of the gospels, John has been referred to as “The Maverick Gospel.” Unlike Matthew, Mark, and Luke, it goes off on its own as it explores the belief that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” and that “by believing you may have life in his name.” This class will begin at the Northside Church of Christ on 29th Street Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM. All are welcome. 

Christian Counseling II:

Our “Christian Counseling 1” class had some lively exchanges and insights that were very well received. This class is a further analysis of some of the counseling problems and methods for helping people to solve various challenges from a Christian perspective. Both novices to counseling and those with years of counseling experience are again welcome to come and contribute.