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Class Descriptions


2019, Fall Class Descriptions 


The Prision Epistles: 

This class will focus on the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote from prison. They include the letters to the Ephesians, the Philippians, the Colossians, and to Philemon. Join us Monday evenings at 7:00 P.M. at SBI. TEACHER: Portis Ribble. 

The Minor Prophets: 

Known by some as The Book of the Twelve, the twelve “minor” prophets have some major messages to share with people in our times. They are referred to as the “Minor” prophets merely because their messages are shorter than some of the other prophets, not because their messages are less significant. Join us Tuesday mornings at 9:30 at SBI as we explore the many lessons found in these prophets. TEACHER: Ron Guzmán. 

How We Got The Bible (Spanish Class): 

Some of the most important skills we can learn involve skills to help us study the Bible profitably. This class will teach skills to do just that. It will be presented mainly in Spanish by a bilingual instructor on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 at SBI. TEACHER: Miguel Zuñiga. 

The Book of Acts: 

This class will delve deep into the first history of the church as told by the Beloved Physician, Luke. As a companion of Paul, he saw first-hand many of the later experiences that Paul was blessed to participate in. Our initial focus, however, will be on the movement of the Holy Spirit as experienced through the Apostle Peter recorded for us in the first part of Acts. This class is taught at the Northside Church of Christ at 19 East 29th Street on Wednesday mornings. It will begin at 10:00AM. All are welcome. TEACHERS: Portis Ribble and Jim Murphy. 

Bible Geography and Archaeology: 

The locations described in the Biblical texts are some of the most fascinating in the world. The archaeological “digs” that have focused on various Biblical references are also filled with some interesting surprises. Jim has been to many of the spots discussed in this class with some interesting anecdotes and experiences to share. Join us for this Thursday evening class at 5:45 at SBI. TEACHER: Jim Murphy.