Southwest Bible Institute
3200 A San Antonio St
San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 949-7579




 Day & Time:                                          Class (Start and End Dates):                                              Teacher:


Monday –   7:00PM                           Why Should I Believe? (1/15-4/23)                                                     Portis Ribble

Tuesday – 9:30AM                            Ecclesiastes (1/16-4/24)                                                                            Ron Guzmán                             

Tuesday – 7:00PM                            Letters to Ministers (1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus) (1/16-4/24)    Jim Murphy                             


Wednesday – 10:00AM                  The Gospel of Luke (1/17-4/25)                                                            Portis Ribble

Thursday – 5:45PM                         Growth in Ministry (1/18-4/26)                                                             Jim Murphy

Thursday – 7:00PM                         Bible Interpretation for Beginners (1/18-4/26)                              Ron Guzmán


Most classes last for an hour and fifteen minutes. The Monday night and Wednesday morning classes will last approximately an hour. Start and End dates vary according to the day the class is held on (see the schedule above). Spring Break is on March 12-16. All classes are taught at the SBI building except for the Wednesday class. SBI is located at 3200 San Antonio Street in San Angelo. The Wednesday class is held at the Northside church of Christ at 19 E. 29th Street in San Angelo. Class descriptions are located here.