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Class Descriptions


2022, Fall Class Descriptions




Join us Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM at SBI.
TEACHER: Alvis Fisher.

Biblical Archaeology:
"the term archaeology derives from the Greek word archaiologia, with archaios meaning 'ancient, original' while 'logia' referring to 'study'." The term therefore bears the sense of a study of antiquity. While 'Biblical' is referring to the Old Testament and New Testament. Biblical Archaeology then is referring to the study of sites, culture and artifacts of yesteryear and mainly in the immediate area of the Holy Land or Palestine in which the Biblical accounts makes reference. This study will be presented in Spanish, September 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the Southwest Bible Institute 3200 San Antonio. Feel free to invite your Spanish-speaking friends to the study.

Esta sesión sera presentada en Espanol.
Iniciaremos nuestro estudio el martes por la tarde, septiembre 13 a las 6:00.  El instituto se ubica por la calle 3200 San Antonio

Tuesday evening at 6:00PM.
TEACHER: Miguel Zuñiga.


The things we will study in this class are:
   1. Power of The Resurrection.
   2. Do not be ashamed of The Gospel.
   3. Things that take away Faithful Christian Living.
   4. God is not a Respecter of people.
   5. Righteousness.
   6. The Importance.

This class is taught at the Northside Church of Christ at 19 East 29th Street on Wednesday mornings. It will begin at 10:00AM. All are welcome.
TEACHER: Alvis Fisher.

The Pentateuch:
In this study, we will be looking at the first five books of the Jewish Tanakh. These are Genesis thru Deuteronomy. As Christians, we refer to them as, "The Pentateuch." They are the Books of the Law of Moses. As we progress through this study, we will see the creation of all things to the establishment of the Jewish nation through which the promise of redemption for our sins was to come. We will gain a greater appreciation for the grace we have received through the sacrafice of God's Son upon the cross of Calvary.

Thursday Morning At 9:00AM.
TEACHER: Frank Berthold.