Southwest Bible Institute
3200 A San Antonio St
San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 949-7579

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are available this semester?

Please see the Current Classes list.

How much is tuition?

Southwest Bible Institute is tuition free! For more information and to register, click here.

When does the next semester start?

The 2021 Spring Semester starts on Tuesday, January 12th.

What is a Track?

A track is a choice you make as you use SBI to further your personal or professional goals. There are 4 "Tracks." 3 of those tracks can lead to a Certificate of Completion. They are the Biblical Studies Track, the Christian Ministry Track, and the Spiritual Enrichment Track. The fourth track is the Auditing Track. This last track is for those who would merely like to audit a class. Information about each track is available by clicking on the particular SBI Tracks link highlighted above.

How do I register?

Please go to the Register page for more information and to register.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please see the Contact Page for details about how to contact us.

Where are the classes taught?

Most of the classes are taught at the SBI site located at 3200A San Antonio Street. This is located adjacent to the West Angelo church of Christ at 3200 San Antonio Street. We also have one class taught at the Northside church of Christ located at 19 E. 29th Street. Both locations are in San Angelo, Texas.

Is SBI associated with any church?

SBI was begun by the West Angelo Church of Christ. Later, it changed its name to Southwest Bible Institute. At the time of the change, SBI also became a seperate entity from the church. It now has its own board of directors and administration. However, its teachers and many of its students attend The Church of Christ. But, students come from a variety of faith commitments. Please see this link for more information about West Angelo Church Of Christ.