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SBI Tracks - Spiritual Enrichment Track

Spiritual Enrichment Track


Each student who signs up for a track will receive a Certificate of Completion when the specific track requirements are met. The goal of the Spiritual Enrichment Track is to give a Biblical view of spirituality and to develop and enrich personal spirituality. This track requires the successful completion of 10 courses. The student takes the 3 required courses of “Christian Spirituality,” “Christian Vocation and Ethics,” and “The Triumph of the 7 Virtues.” The student also chooses 3 or 4 additional courses from the Topical Classes list, 2 from the New Testament Textual Classes list, and 1 or 2 from the Old Testament Textual Classes list below. Each course requires the passing of 3 tests administered by the teacher and the timely submission of a 4 to 6-page paper on a subject or text approved by the teacher. Each student who signs up for a track will have an academic advisor. It is not required that these classes be taken in order. The current semester’s class offerings are found here.


Topical Classes to choose from (3 required* plus 3 or 4 additional choices):


  1. Basic Christian Beliefs.
  2. *Christian Spirituality/Spiritual Formation.
  3. *Christian Vocation & Ethics.
  4. Happiness in Life.
  5. Jesus in History and Culture.
  6. Streams of Grace (A Look at the Variety of Christian Experience).
  7. *The Triumph of the 7 Virtues (A Look at Christian Character-Building Virtues).
  8. Why Should I Believe?
  9. Who is God?
  10. Wonderful Words of Life (Great Bible Themes).


Old Testament Textual Classes to choose from (1 or 2 choices from this list):


  1. The Pentateuch.
  2. Early Hebrew History.
  3. Later Hebrew History.
  4. Biblical Poetics and Wisdom (Deals with The Wisdom Literature).
  5. Isaiah
  6. Jeremiah and Lamentations.
  7. Ezekiel and Daniel.
  8. The Book of the Twelve.


New Testament Textual Classes to choose from (2 choices from this list):


  1. The Synoptic Gospels – 1. (The Life and Ministry of Jesus).
  2. The Synoptic Gospels – 2 (The Miracles of Jesus).
  3. The Synoptic Gospels – 3 (The Parables of Jesus).
  4. The Gospel of John.
  5. Acts and Early Church History.
  6. Romans and Galatians.
  7. The Corinthian Letters.
  8. The Prison Epistles.
  9. Letters to Ministers (Dealing with 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, 1 & 2 Thessalonians).
  10. The Letter to the Hebrews.
  11. The General Epistles.
  12. Revelation.